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How to prepare Form I-130

Get the Form
Open up the Form I-130 template in the online editor to look at and finish the form. You may check out the complete process without the need of downloading the file.
Fill it up
Provide all necessary details within the fillable places and include your digital signature within the signature area if required.
Send it online
Click on DONE to save the edits and send the file by way of e mail, fax and USPS or Text message. You may also send out the papers towards the favored storage area.

About Form I-130

The faster the visa becomes available, the better your odds of receiving a VISA in less than a year. Applying for a Green Card The fastest way to obtain a U.S. passport and obtain a U.S. Green Card is to apply at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad. If you have never been a U.S. citizen and would like to apply for a VISA as an I-129 Immigrant Applicant/Non Immigrant Applicant (“I-129 Affidavit”, Form I-129-M), you should begin by looking at the instructions for the I-129 Affidavit section of the I-129 Information and Timeline for Green Card Applications (PDF, 922 KB). You should also refer to Appendix A. You may also want to review the instructions for the I-129 Information & Timeline for Green Card Applications (PDF, 1.8 MB) and the Instructions for I-129 (PDF, 438 KB). The State Department will not issue you a passport until you have filed Form DS-260, Application for U.S. Passport; Application for Alien's Departure and Adjustment of Status; and Form DS-260, Application for Alien's Departure Adjustment of Status. The State Department will issue a nonimmigrant visa (I-601A) to an applicant who has a passport or travel document from outside the United States in your passport, if you have filed all the required forms correctly and that applicant provides a valid U.S. address. You may also apply for multiple visas if you want to relocate as a family member, and are applying for one I-130 or I-601A visa for your spouse as well as for yourself. Important: If you currently reside in the United States (other than for a limited period of time), your current address on U.S. immigration records is to be used as the address to which applications are posted. As noted in the instructions for “Application for an Arrival Certificate (green card)”, you must provide the U.S. mailing address that you provided to Homeland Security as the address at which you will report to the United States. As outlined in the Instructions for “Application for an Arrival Certificate (green card)”, you must submit the following to receive an Arrival Certificate (green card): Form DS-543 — I-129 Affidavit and Petition (PDF, 2.

What Is form i 130?

A form I-130 is a document that helps relatives of a citizen or a permanent resident of the U.S. immigrate to the United States. The form is intended for establishing relationship of a person to his/her immigrating relatives. The form is called a Petition for an Alien Relative. Only eligible alien relatives have the right to apply for permanent residence in the U.S.

Prior to preparing a form aliens have to pay the correct filing fee. After fee is paid, start to fill out a form. It is vital to file a separate application form for each alien relative.

On our site you can find up-to-date blank I-130 form sample that can be easily prepared online or downloaded on a computer.

In order to prepare a document properly, a person has to follow strictly the specified instructions. An applicant has to fill out a blank form correctly and include all required information.

The form is divided into several parts. In order to be accepted and processed, you have to fill in all mandatory fields in a document. Otherwise a document will be rejected.

When preparing a form, a petitioner is required to prinformation regarding relationship and prhis/her personal details. It is also required to prpersonal relative`s details as well as details about a place where he/she is going to live in the U.S. and his/her address abroad.

After all requested data is inserted, check if it is complete and true and submit to a recipient. Further a document will be considered and verified by the USCIS officer. It is vital to sign a form, otherwise it will be returned by USCIS for correction.

Online systems make it easier to prepare your doc management and supercharge the productiveness of your workflow. Stick to the fast information in an effort to comprehensive Form I-130, steer clear of glitches and furnish it in the well timed way:

How to finish a i130 2022 form?

  1. On the web site with the form, simply click Begin Now and move towards editor.
  2. Use the clues to complete the relevant fields.
  3. Include your own information and facts and speak to data.
  4. Make certainly which you enter appropriate information and facts and figures in ideal fields.
  5. Carefully check the material from the sort likewise as grammar and spelling.
  6. Refer to help area if you have any issues or tackle our Assist staff.
  7. Put an electronic signature in your Form I-130 using the guide of Signal Instrument.
  8. Once the form is accomplished, push Carried out.
  9. Distribute the prepared form by using e-mail or fax, print it out or preserve on your own system.

PDF editor allows you to definitely make modifications to your Form I-130 from any online linked gadget, customise it as reported by your needs, indication it electronically and distribute in several options.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing uscis form i 130

Instructions and Help about Form I-130

Music welcome to learn about law my name is Kevin O'Flaherty from O'Flaherty law today we're going to talk about immigration form i-130 it's also known as the petition for an alien relative and what it is a supporting document for a family-based visa or green card it's a prerequisite to a family business or green card it's not the green card or visa petition itself but an underlying fundamental document that has to be filed before the green card petition will be considered form i-130 basically is a petition by a current citizen or permanent resident of the United States to sponsor the green card petition of a family member that they want to help the immigrant the United States establishes the familiar relationship and the intention to assist that person immigrating to the United States so first let's talk about some changes to the form itself that have happened in the past year, and then we'll talk about the process for filing the form and getting it approved so first effective April 20th 2022 we have a new form i-130 has been propounded by the office of US Citizenship and Immigration Services it's got some additional questions regarding the petitioner that need to be answered things like their employment history current and prior spouses and physical identifying info such as ethnicity eye color hair color heightened weight just to be clear here bears repeating the petitioners the person within the United States the citizen or permanent resident that's helping the beneficiary the person who's trying to immigrate to the United States their relative so when I say petitioner that's the person who's actually in the U.S. already the beneficiary is the person who's trying to immigrate to the US, so this new information requested is concerning the petitioner themselves it also has a new supplemental spouse beneficiary form i-130 a that needs to be filled out for information on any spouse that you're trying to help immigrate to the United States, so it only needs to be filled out for spouses not other just like parents children and cousins so the big thing that you need to know though is that the instructions to form i-130 have been revised to say that you may be called if you're the petitioner may be called in for an interview, and you may have to prbackground information on more background information on yourself the USCIS which is the U.S. office of Citizenship and Immigration Services may do background checks on you including an FBI criminal history check they also will ask me ask for further verification of your identity you know photographs fingerprints stuff like that so doesn't happen in every case, but this is something new this interview that that is new as of April 28th 2022 so once you've filled out the form you can't drop it off at a USCIS I'll get the mail it to the appropriate play and then.

Common Mistakes

Providing incorrect or false information on your application
Forgetting to sign and date your application
Not meeting the eligibility requirements for the benefit you are seeking
Submitting outdated government forms
Failing to submit your application on time

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form i 130 pdf - FAQ

How can I take my child (16yrs) to the U.S. if my immigrant visa is approved? My husband, a US citizen, filled out form I 130 for me and mentioned this child as migrating in the future.
Just petition using a I-130 yourself. Read the instructions very carefully. I am not sure, but it’s possible that the affidavit of support will need to be filled by your husband since he is the citizen, and he filled one for you - again, check the instructions very carefully. It should be a pretty clear, straightforward process. Your child is still well below the age limit and should be fine. If there are any problems, do the same thing you did with your own process • use the numbers you are given to check on the process and if you see it stuck call to make sure they have everything they need early. It is my understanding that the age limit of the child is based on the petition date, so go ahead and do it. You still have plenty of time at 16, just don’t delay.
Will they suspend my B-1 visa if my husband fills out an I-130 form?
Usually no. Typically, your B1 is not affected if any relative, including a husband, files a I130 Form. There is no system to notify officials with authority to cancel a visa that a I130 has been filed. An interesting point is that a relative, including a husband, can file an I130 petition without the consent of the beneficiary and even without the knowledge of the beneficiary. Therefore, it is entirely possible that a B1 visa applicant can be asked if an I130 has been filed on their behalf and can truthfully answer ““not that I know.” Ignorance can be bliss.
I am a green card holder in the USA. I would like to sponsor my husband to the USA. How long will it take?
The answer to this question depends on two things:Did you marry your husband before or after you became a permanent resident?Was the reason you were able to immigrate to the United States is because you are the “immediate relative” of a US citizen?If the answer to the first question is “after”, then you can sponsor your husband to immigrate as the spouse of a lawful permanent resident, a petition in family second preference, subpreference A (F2A). Visa numbers for preference category F2A currently have a wait of about 12 to 18 months.If the answer to the first question is “before”, then your husband was originally, and is most likely now still, entitled to immigrate as a derivative beneficiary on your petition unless you immigrated as the “immediate relative” of a US citizen.If you did not immigrate as an “immediate relative” of a US citizen (that is, your immigration petition was employment-based, family-based other than as an immediate relative, or based on some other provision of immigration law such as the diversity lottery) your husband can obtain a green card “immediately” as a “follow-to-join” derivative beneficiary on your previously-granted petition by filing form I-485 (and form I-824 if he is not currently present in the US), along with sufficient evidence to show that you and he were legally married on the date that your immigrant petition was granted. You may have difficulties if you did not declare him as your spouse on your original I-130/I-140, or if a significant time has passed since you immigrated or adjusted status, as there may be some question why he did not immigrate with you at the time you immigrated or adjusted status. In practice, if there are no problems, this process should take only a few months.If you did immigrate as an immediate relative of a US citizen, which in this case could only be because you have a child 21 years or older who is a US citizen and who sponsored you to immigrate, your spouse cannot immigrate as a derivative because immediate-relative petitions do not allow for derivative beneficiaries. In this situation, if your husband is the natural or legal parent of that child, or if he is not but you married your husband before your child turned 16, your child (but not you) can sponsor him on a separate petition as an immediate relative. If you married your husband after your child turned 16, your child cannot treat him as a stepfather, and you will need to file for him in F2A (the same as the case in which you married him after entering the US), and can expect the process to take 12 to 18 months.
My aunt is an American citizen, how can she help me move there as a citizen from the Middle-east?
Actually, there is one way for any US citizen or lawful permanent resident to petition for relatives who wish to immigrate to the United States. This is done through Form I-130 “Petition for Alien Relative Fillingling out the form is only the first step in helping a relative immigrate to the US. However, please note that you must wait until there is a visa number available before you can apply to become a lawful permanent resident. A copy of form I-130 can be downloaded here: Introduction | ALTA English Online also manage a support group of US Citizenship via Naturalization on Facebook.
How do I apply for a K3 visa for my wife? I'm a US citizen living in the US and my wife is a foreign national living overseas.
First, proof is required that your foreign spouse is married to you, a US citizen. Then you must file form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative). Make sure it is completely and accurately filled out. After finishing and signing, pay the $535 filing fee. Follow the instructions here Direct Filing Addresses for Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative to find out where you should ship the form, depending on where you live. Fiancéess or spouses of the U.S. citizens and their unmarried children (K visas) has more information on k-visas, should you need it.
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