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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who is the spouse beneficiary

Instructions and Help about Who is the spouse beneficiary

Hello everybody this is John from USA moon don't welcome back and thanks for watching if it's your first time on my channel as always welcome today I have another video for you guys on to this creative Friday episode number 64 in this episode as always I'm going to answer a question one of my viewers sent me on youtube if you want to know what is the question and my other toy just stay tuned and I'll be right back USA moon Lika 24s me dis on YouTube hi I'm the petitioner for my wife and I'm the one feeling they form i-130 a do I put myself as the preparer or she's in the Philippines that she needs to sign and date and for part 2 of I wanted information about your employment is this question for me or for my wife thanks a lot hello lekha 24 intends for your question first of all this is not illegal advice okay so the question sent me on YouTube is that you are filling out form I want to read it for your spouse you know you wanna know first even you you will sign the form and did it or second if you're gonna put your yourself as a preparer and then the third one or if their employment information asked on that form is about you or your spouse so for some of you guys who don't know why I want to read it is I want to it is basically a formal or you're gonna use to pryour spouse or biography information if you are petition for him or her so if you are the petitioner meaning that you file I want to repetition for your spouse then you have to also fill out that form I want tell you on top of that I want to read and send the ball form to USCIS but now the question is sometimes they beneficial which is the spouse is overseas and the petitioner will fill up the form and wondering if he or she gonna on and date that phone so to answer your question if on the spouse beneficially is here you know the state of america that person will fill out the form sign and daily but in case they or spouse beneficiary is overseas then you the petitioner you can fill up the form and then on complete actually complete the whole form or without signing it because then the beneficiary your spouse beneficiary is overseas okay but for employment information everything on that form is about your spouse or beneficial it's not about you so you're gonna pull your own spouse or employment information there and then the third question you ask if you're gonna pull your name as they prepare so if you put your name as a propeller on the phone i want to itself then you don't have to pull your name i want to the a.


How can I find out who hacked my cell phone?
If you have software on your phone that is sending data to a third party whom may be spying on you it may or may not be obvious, or it may not even be detectable but is very possible. There are some available options that can be installed on someones smart phone in mere seconds, without any special root access required. One particular application migrates entirely to the phones memory effectively hiding 100% of it’s existence from any prying eyes. And it’s only a one time payment of $70 away from anyone who may want to spy on you.This particular software forwards all your activity to a cloud server to be remotely accessed, voice calls, images and even video streaming in real time using the phone’s camera. The good news in this situation is although you may not be able to detect the software itself, you should be able to see the data itself and the IP it’s going to.What you’ll need:A) Wireshark Packet Sniffing software (open source, free)B) WiFi adapter that allows packet injection /promiscuous mode. Any of these chipsets will work, there are several manufactures that will work. [TP-Link, TP-Win, Alfa. ( I personally recommend the Alfa AWUS036NH $32 new $18 used on amazon)1. Atheros AR92712. Ralink RT30703. Realtek RTL8187LC.) A wifi capable router (an additional router, get at thrift store for a few bucks)How to (Router):Connect the second routers WAN/Internet port to an open LAN port of your current router. If you don’t know how to access the configuration of the second router google is your friend, all routers are different so I can’t prinstructions for the basic setup, a quick google search of the model number should prall the info you’ll need connect it to your current router (default gateway, subnet mask, DNS, WAN IP (will be the gateway IP of the main router) And give it a access point name (like “Pretty Fly For A WiFi” or whatever you think you’re neighbors will enjoy .) and secure password.Are you being spied on?Boot your PC, fire up wireshark and select the WiFi adapter that allows packet injection/pernicious mode “monitor mode” from the list of available options.If it’s the only connected network adaptor it should be obvious look for the data rate/ packet count activity in the list.If you have another wifi or ethernet card running also, there may be a couple showing active data rates, we just want to connect to the second router, not (ALL) or the main router.Now connect your smart phone to the “Pretty Fly For A Wifi” or whatever.At this point Wireshark may be displaying lots of stuff, these are the packets being sent from your phone, don’t worry about most of it, all we need to know is if your phone is sending data to a third party. Your phone should be sending a lot of packets to one IP address , the IP address of your service provider. Other less frequent IPs being connected should be apps connecting to their servers checking messages, sending your location etc.Send a quick email from your phone to someone and you should see it connect on wireshark. Every time you send an email it should show a connection to an IP address. If you have spy software installed you should see the same thing being sent to additional IP numbers. Send a text message, same thing applies, if you see duplicate packets keep going to a second IP you are probably being monitored .
If an insured parent dies without filling out a beneficiary form and the will is silent on the insurance proceeds, to whom do the benefits go to? Does the situation need go to probate court?
A policy in the United States cannot and should not be issued without a beneficiary. It is a legal requirement that 1) impedes speculation in human life and 2) reduces the likelihood/incidence of Stranger Originated Life Insurance (a.k.a Stoli).So, what is the real situation here? Are you saying a company actually issued coverage leaving that crucial part of the form blank?If so, depending on the size of the policy and the litigation costs that will ensue to straighten up the mess, you might consider legal action against the insurance company and/or the agent for dereliction of duty.One of the strengths of life insurance is its rapid provision of liquidity, which it accomplishes by paying proceeds according to contract as opposed to by Will or Trust. It's as simple as verifying the death, submitting the claim, and then a check gets cut from the insurance company to the beneficiary. Nothing needs to go through probate or the estate settlement process, which can take months.If this valuable convenience was lost due to a failure of the agent and/or the insurance company, I think legal action should be considered.
How does being a beneficiary interfere with an alien relative petition from a direct relative in the US with my current B1/B2 visa?
Not enough information. Who is the beneficiary and beneficiary of what? What kind of direct relative? As far as I know you need to be an “Immediate Relative”. That means the spouse, parent or under age 21 child of a US Citizen if you wish to apply for a Green Card while you are still in the US on your current Visa. In that case a form I-485 should be filled out at the same time as the I-130 Petition or at least shortly thereafter.If the you or the relative is some kind of financial beneficiary of each other that draws suspicion that you are only being petitioned for monetary gain.Further information is available here: Green Card for Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizen
Is Yoda clearly the most badass of the Jedi? Who else fills out the top 5?
If you consider the extended universe, I'd rank as follows:Luke Skywalker: Restored the Jedi from the verge of oblivion, repeatedly demonstrated to be the most powerful user of the forceJacen Solo: Possessed the greatest breadth of Force knowledge amongst the Jedi, having studied with the Aing-Tii, Witches of Dathomir, Baran Do, and many othersQui-Gon Jinn: Badass for valuing cunning above strength, and adaptability above principle. His influence is seen through Obi-Wan.Kyp Durron: Coupled strong force ability with desire to take action -- probably less "pure" of a Jedi than the others on the list, but more pragmaticYoda: Although he failed to properly deal with the Sith threat, allowing Palpatine to take control of the galaxy, Yoda's teachings are the philosophical underpinnings of the restored Jedi order through Luke
How do I know who my spouse is cheating with?
I’ve been living and working in China for about six years and most of my customers work in manufacturing. It seems that the only corporations being affected are U.S. corporations (in other words, factories that actually belong to the U.S.). So this trade war is really doing more harm to the U.S.Trump is basically targeting U.S. infrastructure in China since he seems to think these manufacturing jobs should go back to the U.S. However, the actual U.S. corporations know and understand it would be suicide. American factory workers are more expensive than Chinese workers and China is way ahead in automation as well. It’s just cheaper to manufacture in China. Plus, the Chinese population, who constitutes almost 20% of the world population, is a major consumer of these goods, which helps U.S. corporations who don’t need to import since they are literally located in China. If they leave, they lose• a lot.Nevertheless, production at these U.S. factories have gone down as a result. I suppose it would also affect their profit margins. So it’s hurting U.S. factories in China, and the body corporate back in the U.S. must be fuming at the mouth at Trump. I’ve heard from my customers that some of these corporations are looking at places like Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. to keep the cost of manufacturing low enough to still be able to compete. So the jobs are not going back to the U.S. Furthermore, most of the manufacturing plants in those other countries are also controlled by China. So the money is still going to China.Another solution some U.S. manufacturers are apparently looking at is to use these other countries and places like Hong Kong or Taiwan as channels to keep exporting the exact same goods out of China, kind of like a back alley detour. Since the tariffs don’t apply to Hong Kong, Taiwan or neighbouring countries, these places can be used as ports from where they can export, negating the entire purpose of Trump’s tariffs. So in other words, the trade deficit can be artificially split by China to look like it went down while it really never did.It might work. Trump just wants to look good.So I have to be honest. This whole trade war has almost no impact on the Chinese side. Chinese and European manufacturers in China are largely unaffected. Even Google’s decision to ban Huawei form using some of their Android OS functions are having no impact here. Not a single phone in China uses Google Services or Play Store anyway since China already banned Google in 2022. Huawei phones in China mostly use EMUI, which is based on Android. They also have their own app store, and since I’m English and can’t use it, I basically download apps from Google Play, install it on my Huawei phone, and it works just fine. Probably because Android is OpenSource anyway. Anyone can download it and modify it if they want.So I’m really not seeing any impact. People here are still friendly, everything is still cheaper than in most other countries I’ve ever visited, and life goes on. In fact, China’s Belt and Road Initiative might ironically get a big boost from this. The only thing Trump seems to be achieving right now is to sour international relationships. I think this is hurting the U.S. more.This whole thing could’ve been avoided if Trump didn’t give massive tax cuts to Corporate America. In a sense, this trade war looks like a Republican attempt to make up for this mistake. On the campaign trail, Trump proposed a $10 trillion tax cut but insisted it wouldn’t boost the federal budget deficit because the economy would “take off like a rocket ship.” Then the opposite happened. The U.S. Treasury reported that the 2022 deficit swelled to $779 billion. That level marks a 17 percent increase over 2022. the highest in six years.So it looks like the Trump administration is just moving from one blunder to the next, and continues to try to fix their blunders with more blunders. If this was a chess game, Trump would be playing with a king, a pawn and the little dog from Monopoly. In other words, he’s way out of his league here.
How can I find out if my husband has actually filed for a divorce?
Court will send summons to your address through their office server.Court will attempt few times to your address. If you are residing at that address and rejected it, the same will be noted and the Divorce case will proceed without your presence (ex-parte). If you don’t live at that address, Court will ask the Husband to advertise in major publications attempting to reach you. If you are not still reachable, Case will proceed ex-parte.One way to find out if your husband has filed for Divorce is to search in Home - eCourt India Services website. Browse to your district and select “Case Status”. You can search based on your Husband name. Now, you have to make some intelligent guess about which court complex he would be filing in. Normally, that depends on where he resides. So, do some trial and error searches in this page. If he has indeed files for divorce, it will show up here.
If my parents take out a life insurance policy on me in which they are the beneficiaries, does it affect my ability to take out a second policy where my spouse is the beneficiary?
Usually, when a parent takes out life insurance on their child, the amount of coverage is nominal - to cover final expenses - around $25,000 or less.However, you may purchase your own life insurance policy and get as much coverage as the insurance company agrees to offer you based on your own personal financial situation - income / financial responsibilities, etc.Many life insurers may allow you to be insured for up to 10 to 20 times your annual income (this is a total of all life insurance policies insuring your life).This amount may be higher based on your personal finances.
How can I know whether my spouse, or intimate partner, is cheating?
So it all started back in the summer of 2022 my wife was just a few months into her new job. She had left the ems field for a 8 to 5 job. To be home with are two boys more. A little about us we meet in 2022 got married in 2022 had two bright and handsome boys. Back to what happened not to long after she started her new job about 5 month in her job site lost a co worker to a car accident. She she took it hard because she had talk to the co-worker that morning right before the accident. She called me at work and told me. Just like any lovey husband would do i told he ill be heading to pick her up. But she just told me no she going to stay at work. And come home. That night she did not come home tell 12am which was out of the ordinary for her. I asked her why she was late home. She told me she and her other coworkers had to help cook for the person family Gathering. So a couple of days past the same routine leave early come back late. Every day i try to ask if she was ok i even told her im there to comforter her and that she has someone there for her to cry on. But every day it was the same same answer she was ok. On the day of the the funeral she ran into one of her other coworkers and finally introduce me to him saying that this was her chump. The guy was as old as us he at first did not want to shake my hand or look me it the eyes. Then when she and him hug she started to cry on his shoulders. I found that very strange and that she never mentioned that she was going to all the Gatherings with him tell he had mentioned it when we first seen him and he finally shook my hand. Later that day i ask her what was her relationship what the guy I just met she said he was just a friend who took it hard and she needed to cheer him up along with her other coworkers. After that I started noticing she was texting him and calling him more often at work and after work she would say it was just work-related when I asked and I kept on asking if there was something going on between them. Fast forward two Christmas of 2022 I was told by my wife that she had to work late and that everyone had to work late too so I didn't question it. She didn't get home until 3 a.m. that morning. She slept till 11 a.m. by then I was up had breakfast cooked and the boys were fed she said it was it was very tough at work last night they had to do a lot of catching up. Life one on then till New Year's Eve she said she had to work late again and that she would be home late two. As usual I stayed home and watch the kids watch TV and cartoons with them the next day she was not home and she didn't get home until the afternoon she said she had to take a shower because she felt dirty from all the sweating and that the AC had stopped working in their building so as usual I didn't say nothing and let it be but deep down I knew she was with her male co-worker that had met only one. After that she changed are sex life died out completely. She would say she tired at night. She started to where g-strings that I had never seen to work. And then the end of January she called one night saying she had to work late the kids were at their grandparents house so the Curiosity got the best of me I went to her work to see if she wanted some dinner no one was there all the doors are locked even her car was not there. I called her cell it just went to voicemail every time i called it. So i gave up and went home then one day a couple of months later a good friend of my stop by to see me and ask how i was doing. He told me he had heard my wife was sleeping with a coworker from her job. And the he need to see if it was true. We talked for two hours. He left i was trying to get access to her cellphone accounts but it was inaccessisible to me. I had to contact a link i saw on quora DARK HAT on Strikingly to get the evidence i found out my wife text her coworker every minute everyday and it sexual at times. It got to a point where she even asked if he stop texting her because his wife was home. She even was sending him nude pictures of her to him. Now it was all adding up every time the company had dinner or cookouts he would avoid me every chance he got and she would avoid looking at him or talking to him while I was there. So after two more days of playing like i don't know what she up to. I called her at work and told her i was in her her neck of the woods and that if she would love to have lunch with me. She hesitate out first and said that she was supposed to go have lunch with her friend but eventually said she'll have lunch with me. At lunch we talk about are work. Then i final ask her about cheating with her man from work she kept denying it tell i told her i have seen every thing she text him. And that i was going to the head person to see what he thinks. She finally broke down and told me she was seen him. That it started that night there coworker died. And that it was just supposed to be a one-time thing but it continued and that her working late was just a cover for them. Because he was married too and thay where doing every time thay got. I was so disgusted by what I heard and was so mad and hated her so much that I left and went back home. She tried to call but i never wanted her calls. I just texted her telling her to stay at her mom house from the next couple of weeks. After two and a half months I finally decided that that my kids came first and that they needed their mother back home. I called her and told her that she could come home but under one condition that she could not talk see text any form of communication with her man from work. And she said she will keep her promise could not have anything to do with them.
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