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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing I-130 checklist for parents 2022 usa

Instructions and Help about I-130 checklist for parents 2022 usa

Hello my name is Ismail jacques-cartier I'm an immigration lawyer with ies law firm today's topic is how to sponsor and bring parents of US citizens into the of the u.s. citizens into the United States how to process their immigration into the u.s. the in in today's America the sponsorship of the parents is a very critical topic because the current administration had proposed to eliminate the category of US citizens sponsoring their parents as a way of chain immigration so its first important to understand that the sponsorship of parents of US citizens of u.s. citizens is just like sponsorship of the petitioning for the spouse of US citizen in that both the parents of US citizen and the spouse and children under 21 years of age are considered immediate family members immediate relatives and there is no waiting time in terms of the visa priority dates and if your parents are in the US all of their paperwork can be filed at the same time their adjustment of status application work permit travel authorization can be filed at the same time as you file the petition for them the process of sponsoring your parents if they're abroad currently takes about year and a half or two and sometimes it can take longer if there are cases stuck in administrative processing through consulate but the process of sponsoring their immigration into the US while they are visiting you in the u.s. is a bit faster and it's less burdensome because it does not require them to wait for the immigrant visa overseas so if they are in the US and you're a US citizen and you have your parents here and you would like to sponsor their immigration into the u.s. the best idea is to do it now to do it while they're in the US and they can be here in the United States during the processing how soon can they leave after you you file the adjustment of status and the petition for them typically it's about four months of processing until they can depart the US because together the adjustment of status they can also apply for what's called advance parole travel document which allows them to leave the US and come back during the processing of their green card case that typically takes about four months but it can be expedited on case by case basis if there are any urgent and emergency reasons the process through consulate goes through three stages so if your parents are abroad and you'd like to bring them into the u.s. you must file the petition here with the USCIS it currently takes them about eight months of processing until the cases decided sometimes longer and it changes day by day up until recent times during the previous administration it used to take about three to six months now it takes eight months to twelve months for the USA s to process just the petition sponsoring.

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