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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing i 130 processing time for brother

Instructions and Help about i 130 processing time for brother

Why is my green card application for my brother or sister overseas taking such a long time and what are some of the problems that are associated with these kinds of cases hi I'm Jim hacking immigration attorney practicing law here in st. Louis Missouri you know we've been seeing a big uptick in problems with brother and sister visas lately and I wanted to talk to you about it today on this video so here's the deal a u.s. citizen decides a sponsor let's say his brother and his brother lives back home in Pakistan and they know and they have proved that they are indeed brothers the problem is the Immigration Service is really starting to push back on these types of petitions now I'm keep in mind these cases take a very long time Congress has placed a cap on the number of brothers and sisters that can come from overseas and this has led to a very large backlog in available visas for most countries that backlog is currently around 12 or 13 years and from other countries like Philippines in the Mexico and Mexico it can be up to 20 years so there's a real backlog on the number of these is available that means that even if people's cases are approved there's no way for them to come to the United States at this time or to stay in the United States if they already have an approved case this is how the process works typically you file an i-130 application for your brother or sister and then you wait a very long time now cas does have a backlog and they know that these aren't available for 13 years so over what we've been seeing lately is that people are not hearing back from CAS other than to get the receipt notice for any action on their case for about four years so it's been a real problem lately because these cases sit for four or five years sometimes the US citizen sponsor moves and neglects to update their address with Immigration Service so that's one real problem we've been seeing is that the Immigration Service can't find the US citizen once it comes time to look at their particular case but the bigger problem that we've been seeing lately is that CAS is really pushing back on birth certificates and proof of the brother or sister relationship now when you want to sponsor your brother you know that they're your brother you know that you were born in the same house to the same parents or the same hospital and you don't give much thought to having to prove that this person is in fact your brother or your sister well Immigration Service and the State Department uses what are called reciprocity tables which is a list of the types of documents that become a country has available to demonstrate identity or birth certificates or marriage of those kinds of things.