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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing I-130 petition for parents processing time

Instructions and Help about I-130 petition for parents processing time

If you are US citizen you have the option to file a green card case for your parents if your parents are located abroad there are some general concerns that immigration is going to have the first thing they're going to want to know is can you prove the relationship so your parents better be listed on your birth certificate to start second if your parents have been the United States before they are going to go into their immigration history to see how often they visited have they complied with their I 94 have they left every time concerned that any visa applicants would have your parents are considered immediate relatives meaning that any kind of unlawful stay if they enter the United States legally with the visa can still prove that they came in legally will be forgiven as long as they don't leave the United States long as they can prove their legal entry even if they overstayed they should be able to get their green card in the United States there are certain conditions though if based on their immigration history where immigration will force them to go to a local CIS office for interview so be very careful that you review the case with an immigration attorney before going forward if your parents are currently in the United States visiting you I'll say on a on a b2 visa and you just became a US citizen a few weeks ago and and you're from India originally and realized that you know it was going to take forever as a permanent resident if you didn't become a US citizen you know this is your only route to be able to sponsor your parents if you apply for them you know within two months of them coming to the United States because you just became a US citizen it does look a little contrived on their end that they enter the United States with the intent to move here because they're adult US citizens son is now sponsoring them to stay in the United States so just because they have sponsorship possibilities with their US citizen son for a green card immigration is still going to look at the doctrine of dual intent which basically says they came in on a visitor's visa were they planning on moving here was this the plan all along that they plan to move here on a visitor's visa which is a temporary visa instead of conprocessing after the u.s. citizens son became a US citizen they would interview at the consulate once the immigrant visa is approved and would come in traditionally as green card holders then are they trying to avoid that whole process by buying time by coming in temporarily on a b2 to in order to stay with their US citizen knowing he was going to become a u.s. citizen soon and get their green card that way so they're really going to look closely.

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