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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing i-130 checklist for parents 2021

Instructions and Help about i-130 checklist for parents 2021

Hello everyone this is me again purple the man in this video I would like to share my experience petitioning my mother so this is just my first step so if you are new to my channel and you haven't subscribed please subscribe to my channel please support my channel by simply clicking the subscribe button and also tap the Bell so you could get notified whenever I upload a new video but before we start I would like to say thank you to my friends Jeanette for giving me this beautiful earrings and also to my friend gem clay for giving me this ring I have this very nice gorgeous friends that are giving and just sharing thank you so much for everything my friends and also I will try my best to speak in English so I will like you know hoping that I will reach a bigger audience or or to like if someone that is not you know a Filipino not understanding Tagalog or I can't understand Cebuano which is my language yeah now I'll speak English so the person can understand me also so if you notice me stuttering in the middle of sentence or I'm having hard time with the words please understand that I am not really that good in English but I'm gonna try my best and now let's go on and I'm gonna share the supporting documents that I sent with a form i-130 I sent form g-1145 year let me choose one more for ya Jake forum g-1145 forum it is a form that you can fill out so you will get a notification that your about the updates of your case or your papers so you can get it you can receive it up they through text and email so another one is authorized credit card payment G 1450 don't worry guys if you know I'm having a hard time but I will write it here somewhere maybe here yeah I'm here or maybe here I don't which ever yeah you know what I mean let me move this sides so I can put it and no you know what here oh maybe you know here this side so you can yeah with all the forms because there's it's too long but then I will write in here so you can read it while listening to me so yeah I I paid my mom's petitioner they're my mother's form with a credit card so I have to sign that Jay 1450 form and otherwise credit card payment of five hundred and thirty five dollars but well if you haven't started your petition yet please do check the USCIS yeah and I know you will check for sure that's what you're going to do right because their payment it might go up I haven't heard any rate price trace at the moment but then just make sure it that it is if it's still five hundred and thirty five.