Video instructions and help with filling out and completing i 130 form expiration date

Instructions and Help about i 130 form expiration date

Chris tour Christ to our woman super good Chris Chris little bud how are you yeah okay oh brother son in Jamaica it's easy on the cap is not honest stepfather can take care of myself I want to take him here is there the possibility well um you gotta work you gotta make sure you gotta often the kid you gotta show that the parents can't support can't support them and then have the kid orphaned have to have the have the Jamaican adoption board strip the parents of their parental rights and and then bring the child up here on an orphan petition so yes it can be done but it has there has to be the right procedure to be done to do it okay what do we pick a long time takes about a year well good alright have before your daughter does anything before your daughter does anything tell her to come in and speak to me about it but all right okay one gonna cost what's a hundred dollars for the consultation I don't know whatever might got up I I can't I don't know what the costs are you know we have to get into the case and see what's involved in what what you need us to do all right what is kind of off we can't make it I'll do it can't Shelton now so she's my daughter wanna take in here yeah what we can get the child here that's for sure okay all right all right okay that's a lot thank you let's go to heal you yeah good even breath how are you I'm good a lot of final where do you file you I 130 where do you file the i-130 yeah I like to bring my kids here but we would have the applicator you know dat it's on the it's on the the exact address is only form so so you did you do it don't you do the file online ah you can you let me say that I do I want is going to know if you now you better off TIFF you better off to you better off to file it you don't do it online you file it at the Chicago lockbox uh I assume you live in New York people in California do it it up in the Phoenix lockbox but you're gonna send it in the mail you're not gonna do it online and you can send it you can send it to the Chicago lockbox I don't remember what the exact address of the Chicago lockbox is off the top of my head but that's where it's gonna go and there's a four hundred and twenty dollar filing fee oh I would I find that address on the website you know find that address on the form boom yeah just read the forum all right we work to do another don't notice for me it's the i-130