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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form i-130 processing time

Instructions and Help about Form i-130 processing time

Hello everyone today I'm going to explain what the i-130 is many people all have to fill out an i-130 so I wanted to clear up some misconceptions about what as well as how to file a fill this out why and when and answer some frequently asked questions about it my name is Raluca Hana in my law practice I primmigration estate planning and family law services to my clients in Lawrenceville Georgia Neenah clear my marketing and office manager is here with me thank you as always for all your likes shares and comments as they help others to see our videos tell us what is the i-130 okay the i-130 is a petition you file with the immigration agency and you file this petition to show the relationship you have with a person who is not a US citizen or green card holder who wants to immigrate in United States so it sounds like it's when you want to sponsor someone that's right okay and who would fill that out either a lawful permanent resident so a green card holder or a US citizen and is the person filing it need to live in the United States no but there are only exceptional circumstances such as being in an active duty service member that allows someone to file it overseas most of the time they must be that application must be filed here in the US and what does someone do if they are not in the United States when they file it they can apply for an exceptional circumstances allowance to file it overseas but otherwise they must submit it via mail to the US Chicago office of Gracias okay and I know that you said you would file this for our relative who wants to immigrate but can you be more specific about who you would fill this out for and first tell us if you're a US citizen because you said it was either US citizen or green card holders if you're a US citizen who would you fill it out for sure so if you are a US citizen you will fill this out to start the immigration process for your spouse unmarried children under 21 years of age unmarried sons or daughters twenty-one years of age or older married sons or daughter of any age and brothers or sisters or parents as long as you are 21 or older okay and then what about if you are a green card holder if you are a green card holder you will find you will fill out an i-130 for your spouse for a match for an unmarried child under 21 years of age and unmarried son or daughter 21 years of age or older so if you're a green card holder you cannot apply for your parents they unfortunately know and it sounds like you can't use it for married children if you're a green card holder either no you can't.


What's the actual processing time for form I-130 for a petition received on May 5th (Nebraska service centre)?
What's the actual processing time for form I-130 for a petition received on May 5th (Nebraska service centre)? Why does the USCIS have the same processing time for Form I-130 for an immediate and non-immediate relative at Nebraska Service Center? What is the local service center when filing forms I-130, I-485, and I-765 from Chicago? And what is processing time for these forms? I haven’t received any notice expect notice of action. Forms were submitted on October 12th, 2018. I submitted an I-130 to help my wife adjust her status but it seems processing times are becoming much slower these days. Can I submit an I-485 form so her case gets processed faster? How long does the USCIS take to approve the form I-130? After filing form I-485 adjustment of status (son of US citizen over 21 yrs) on average how long does it take for USCIS to change status to pending? I am a green card holder in the USA. I would like to sponsor my husband to the USA. How long will it take? What is the pending adjudication of my I-130 form? When can I expect to hear the decision? If my green card process has started after how much time will I get the green card?
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