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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing I-130 checklist for parents

Instructions and Help about I-130 checklist for parents

Hi guys this video is going to tackle about timeline of when I petitioned my mom until her interview date or should I say until she got her interview date okay but before I start I'd like the thing Filipina fiance visas calm for making this video happen a Filipino fiance visa com is it the service that Mike used to petition me from the Philippines here into the United States your service is really good you guys should check the mouth I will put their link down below it will not only help you with a fiancee visa they would also help you with other visa petitions like like bit like with this video I'm going to talk about how I petitioned my mom the timeline and like to form some accent and all that kind of stuff help you step-by-step so check them out would be the awesome service yeah okay so let's start with a video okay they started processing my mom's petition on February 27 when he's 17 yeah they're very 27 2022 after you send them your petition they will send I think a couple of days after they will send you a mail about how they received your petition for your mom in that letter they were they will tell you to wait basically to wait that they received it and they will process it and to wait until you hear something from them again and then I did I waited and it's very March April May June July August September October October I heard something eight months eight months after I sent a petition for my mom they sent me an email they sent me an email and it's basically a welcome letter in that email if it includes an instruction of what to do next which is you're going to their website and basically follow the steps that are on that website sorry is this like TV bugging you if if it is I don't know I'm just gonna I'll just do it like that okay so the very first step was I chose the agent so on this step you you can either choose you as an agent or you can choose another person as an agent agent meaning the one who's going to basically do all the paperwork stuff like take care of this petition so with me I chose me as an agent so I did this all by myself I didn't hire any lawyer or any other person to help me out with this petition for my mom so October 8th is that that's the day when I chose an agent which is me and then the s26 one I submitted that because they needed that that's like another form that you need to fill out and you submit it and then up October 20 2022 that's when I got an email from them containing an MVC number or containing a case number a case number and.


How can I share Google keep checklist to 100 people so they can each fill out their own list independently without interrupting each other?
There is a way to do this, although it is a little messy.Create your list.Give it a title.Label it with a project name. Make a copy of your list.Share the copy with person #1 and add their name in the title.Archive the shared list (to keep your main Keep view less cluttered). Repeat the "make a copy" section steps 98 more times, sharing with a different person each time.Share the original with the 100th person.Add their name to the title.Archive the shared list. This will take time to set up, but you will have 100 discrete lists shared with 100 individuals. You will also have a means to view all of the lists (find your label in the navigation panel by clicking the three lines in the upper left) while keeping your main view uncluttered. Adding each individual's name to the title helps you scan through the lists, and you can always use search to surface one quickly.
Do I need to fill out two I-134 forms for my parents or filling just one would do?
Yes, one form is enough for your father and mother if they are planning to appear together for visa interview. In case they plan to go for visa interview on two seperate occasion have them carry their own I-134.
How can a US citizen studying in India apply for his parents• green cards once he turns 21 years old?
What Are The Different Ways To Obtain A Green Card?While the actual process of getting your green card may be similar, there are several pathways you could adopt while applying for your green card in the United States. Depending on the route that is applicable to you, the process and duration of obtaining your green card may vary as well. Here is a list of the routes you can opt for while applying for your green card in the United States:Sponsorship By An EmployerIn this route, you must already be employed at a full-time, permanent employment in a job that is based in the United States. However, this is a very long process, and can often get frustrating for the applicants. The employer is first required to file a labor certification with the US Department of Labor, stating the reasons you are qualified for the job. In addition, they also have to prove that no US citizen is qualified to do the job or applied to the job by showing proof like advertisement for the vacancy in local newspapers, verification of the prevailing wages, skill requirements for the particular job, etc.Sponsorship By A Close Family Member Based In The United StatesYou may opt for this route if you have a close family member who is already a permanent resident of the United States or is a citizen of the United States. This is also a long process, and it may take years for you to get the green card.Investment Based Green CardThis is also called the EB5 visa, which is offered to foreign nationals who invest in the United States. Each year, around 10,000 such green cards are offered, with the objective of improving the US economy. This category does not require you to hold a job offer in the United States.Green Card LotteryThis is a diversity-based lottery. Each year, around 50,000 green cards are given to those who are from an underdeveloped nation, with very low rates of immigration to the United States of America.Green Card Through Asylum &Refugee StatusThis category is only open to those foreign nationals who have been or fear that they will be prosecuted in their home country for their race, nationality, religion, membership of a social group or political opinions held by them.How Much Does The Green Card Process Cost?The fee for applying for a green card is $85. You can always check the revised fees before applying. The total cost of filing for your green card should not exceed $6,000. This is inclusive of the application fees, and the fees your attorney is likely to charge, if you are hiring one.
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